Get percent of total in DAX using ALLSELECTED()

To get percent of total in DAX we can use the ALLSELECTED function. To demonstrate how this can be achieved I will make 3 calculated measures in my model.

1. TotalSales:=CALCULATE(SUM([Order Quantity]);ALLSELECTED())
2. Sum Order Quantity:=Sum([Order Quantity])
3. Percent Of Total:=[Sum Order Quantity] / [TotalSales]

The first measure will give the total quantity. The second one will give sum quantity for each dimension member. The last one will give the percent. To make the last one nice and readable you can format it as percent.

This is how it will look in an Excel pivot

Percent of total

This easy approach will only work on the first level in a hierarchy. To make it work on multiple levels you have to extend the code. But that will be an other post 🙂

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